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Bezel Repair

Bezel repair on a 1973 Apache Ramada with about %40 of the ABS missing.  I was astounded.  The restructuring took only one hour!  (This was at 85 Degrees F with moderate humid conditions).  I have done extensive repairs with fiberglass.  THIS IS BY FAR A SUPERIOR REPLACEMENT FOR THAT.

This much progress in one hour. 

The patch was allowed to cure for several days then sanded off.

After the sand off the repair is looking extremely well cosmetically and is very strong.

Next is a bunk end repair.  This is one of the most common areas that needs repair.

Cracks usually occur.  Along with missing material.

I grind the area down to accommodate for the extra width of the grid.

Then start gluing grid in place.  Sometimes you have to hold it in place for a few seconds as it bonds.

The grid is in place and ready for some LABS coats.

I set the bunk end in place and started coating.  I made a few minor trims on the grid.  The pic below is after two coats of LABS.

The grid is fully integrated into the repair.  I let this cure for several days and then will start sanding the patch in.

After a sand off and two coats of LABS I'm at the point of a sturdy and cosmetically excellent patch.

Some finish sanding and then a good coat of paint to protect from UV damage.

Window Corner Cracks 

This is what usually occurs on Apache windows and is a common cause of water leaks.  To the left of my thumb, (The black dot), is what is called a crack drill stop.  I recommend using these in all applications where a crack exists even with the use of my ABS grid.  It’s just the right way to accomplish a successful repair.  Just take a small size drill bit and drill slightly beyond the crack.  That’s all there is to it.




You will want to clean the area thoroughly and let it dry.  Pre brush the area inside and out with MEK.  Use small amounts as it will want to run and it will discolor visible ABS on the way down as it runs.  (No use making extra work).  You will want to use a “pancake batter” type of consistency on this initial installation with the LABS  .Cut an “L” shaped patch that will fit and coat the flat side of my product with the LABS.  Stick it into place.  The Labs will wick through the holes.  Just let it sit for a few minutes and dry.  Then go back with some thinner coats to smooth things out.  Brush with straight MEK between coats.  I have a separate container of MEK that I let the brush sit in.  A certain amount of the ABS leaches as the brush is sitting but it makes a perfect in between smoother.