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Why pay over $300.00 for a set of lift chains ?

We are offering sets of rebuilt lift chains for sale.   We are buying up old sets and reworking them.  These rebuilds DO NOT include the aluminum extrusion.  We are offering this service on a "Trade In" basis.  You ship us your old set.   When we receive them we will notify you.  Then when we receive payment we will ship out a rebuilt set to you.  We keep your old set as inventory for rebuilds.

We are offering this service with FREE SHIPPING back to you, but you must pay the shipping cost to our facility.  

$50.00 for each chain.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and hit the CONTACT US link.  Send us an e mail requesting a rebuild.  We will get back to you that day most likely.  (Except for weekends).  What this does is let us know what kind of demand we expect and what amount of rebuilt chains to keep in inventory.