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  • Tail Light Bezel Pair Set


    We now have tail light bezels available to replace the REFLECTO-O-LITE 650 lens.  These units fit the profile and bolt pattern of the REFLECTO-O-LITE 650.  The mount holes have been produced to accept up to a  #10 sheet metal screw. 

    Before your purchase consider these details carefully.

    1.   While these lenses match the profile and bolt pattern they are NOT a true replica and therefore they don't match the old REFLECTO-O-LITE 650 in every detail.

    2.   These are 3D printed units.  There can be slight imperfections or discolorations.  (They do not affect fit or function).

    3.   These units are ONLY available in pairs.  The street side with the window for the license plate illumination and the curb side without the window.

    4.  The Fresnel and Reflector inserts are Department Of Transportation approved.